Bullet Points
Your product bullet points are your opportunity to tell a potential customer about your product - but Amazon is also reading them, and using them to rank and sort your product listing.
Your Amazon listing should include 5 bullet points. These must cover all the relevant product features.
Bullet Points need to be focused, not too wordy, and contain key information. Each of the five bullet points should ideally be less than 100 characters, because Amazon search only indexes up to this length, but no more than 500 characters.

πŸ“š Avoid keyword stuffing

Because Amazon is using your bullet points to find search terms, you need to include keywords. This can really affect your product listing's ranking. But keyword stuffing is a major error – Amazon doesn't like it, and it doesn't read well to a customer either.
Don't just write a list of keywords. Your bullet points must be compelling, coherent, well-thought-out phrases that help the customer. Only include the keywords that are most relevant for the customer, and that fit smoothly into the copy.

πŸ“š Write for the customer

Your main job with these bullet points is to sell your product to a customer. Focus on the concrete benefits your product offers them.
Reading product reviews is a great way to get inspiration about, and to better understand, what matters to customers. They'll mention the features they care about most, or find particularly important, and you can then create bullet points that speak to these wants and needs. Reviews and customer questions can also highlight any necessary information that might be missing from your description.

πŸ“š Don't include offer-specific information

These bullet points should, ideally, be timeless. Avoid writing things such as β€œfree returns” or β€œ30-day return policy”.
Keep your content focused on your product, not your service. The only time you should include detail about your service is if you really need to include warranty information. If you do, leave it for the last bullet point.

πŸ“š Make the bullet points easy to skim

Shoppers browsing on Amazon have a very limited attention span. They want information fast, and will often skim through text. Using capital letters to highlight the main point of each bullet can help get your message across faster, allowing customers to decide rapidly whether they want to read further. For example:
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: Cleaning is easy. Don't waste time scrubbing at the sink!
  • BPA AND PHTHALATE FREE: Material tested by a 3rd party. No harmful chemicals or pollutants are used.
  • EASY MIXING: Quickly mix shakes and powdered supplements. The blender ball offers maximum mixing power.
  • MEASUREMENT MARKINGS: Easily measure out your daily drinks and shakes. No waste and less mess!