Create an FBA shipment
How to create a shipment plan to send inventory to FBA warehouses.

You will need to have the following information:
  • Contact details and address of the location where the inventory will be shipped out
  • Number of units (e.g. total units and units per case)
  • Carton weight and dimensions
    • Weight: US - lb, UK - kg
    • Carton length, width and height: US - in, UK - cm
  • Carrier information (express or LTL pallets)

Select the products that you want to send to Amazon.
On the Manage Inventory page, tick the box next to each product that you want to ship. Then select Send/Replenish Inventory from the Action on Selected drop-down menu.
Click Create a new shipping plan
Confirm your ship-from address. To change the ship-from address, click Ship from another address.
Confirm the packing type of the products you are shipping to Amazon. Individual products or Case-packed products.
Click Continue to shipping plan.
Set Quantity in the Units column, then Continue
Follow through the steps under "Prepare Products" and "Label Products". On most occasions you can mark as "No Prep Required".
On the Review Shipments page, you can review and approve your shipment.
Occasionally, Amazon will split your order into multiple shipments. If you do not want to split your shipments to multiple destinations, you can sign up for the FBA Inventory Placement Service for a fee.
To continue, click Work On Shipment. Here you can prepare your shipment to send into Amazon.
On the Prepare shipment page, you can make selections regarding shipping method and carrier, and plan the number of boxes that will make up the shipments you are preparing to send.
If you are sending using Pallets, please select Less than Truckload [LTL] and Amazon will provide carton labels and pallet labels for your delivery
Make sure this information is accurate - you will need to let Amazon know exactly what is in each carton.
Once you've provided this information, you can confirm shipment and print out your FBA carton labels ready to send into Amazon!
For LTL deliveries, your carrier will also have to book deliver with amazon via, but they should be familar with this process.
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